Broadside: Word on the Street: What Lincoln Accomplished as President

Broadside: Word on the Street: What Lincoln Accomplished as President

Most Americans know of some of the accomplishments of the 16th President of the United States. President Lincoln did a lot to change the United States not only during the Civil War but for rest of the history of the United States. President Lincoln was the first republican President. When he ran for re-election his running mate was Andrew Johnson who was a democrat. Together they ran on the union Party ticket on won .

On August  August 5, 1861 President Lincoln imposed  the first Federal Income tax. President Lincoln signed the Revenue Act which gave the government to right collect taxes of 3 percent on incomes of $800. The government needed money to pay for the civil War

Congress would repel Lincoln’s tax law in 1871 but in 1909 the 16th amendment set in place the federal income system we have today.

In 1863 and 1864  President Lincoln signed into law the National Banking Act. the National Banking Act served 3 purposes. It created National Banks, create a uniform national currency and create a secondary market for Treasury securities.

On May 20, 1862 President Lincoln signed the Homestead act. Any adult citizen o , who had never borne arms against the United States could claim 160 acres of surveyed government land. The claimants had to improve the land by building a dwelling  and working the land. After 5 years  the original was entitled to the 160 acres.

In 1862 President Lincoln the Morrill Act. The Morrilll Act started land grant colleges in America. Some of the land grant universities are Georgia, Florida A and M, Virginia State, Ohio State, Michigan State,Penn State, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Arizona . Many students were educated by land grant universities and colleges.

President Lincoln changed the United States forever in just four years.